Parish Council

Who We Are

  • Executive:
    • Mary Ann Millar – Rector’s Warden
    • Charlotte Cromarty – Deputy Rector’s Warden
    • Mike Stredwick – People’s Warden
    • Nelson Cuthbert – Deputy People’s Warden
  • Treasurer:
    • Anne Taylor
  • Members at Large:
    • April Couzens
    • Val Cuthbert
    • Nelson Cuthbert
    • Murray Gamble
    • MaryLynn Forrest
    • John Shaw
    • Janet Hartry
    • John Ryrie
    • Morgan Haman
    • Kate Durdan
    • Reta Risto
    • Cheryl Fox
    • Mary Shaw


  • Council Secretary:
    • John Dale
  • Youth Members:
  • Lay Delegates to Synod:
    • Terry McCoy
    • Lesley Burland Prong
    • Matthew Brown
    • John Ryrie


The members of Parish Council are your representatives and you are encouraged to bring all matters of concern to their attention. If you are unable to speak to one of them at a service a simple e-mail to the church will allow your concerns to be addressed.To the extent possible the appointments and elections to parish council should result in representation from a variety of organizations and interests within the Parish.

What We Do

Parish Council is responsible to assist the Rector and Wardens to conduct Parish affairs so that the Parish will be able to carry out its mission as a Christian Community. To this end there are a number of responsibilities as outlined below:

  1. ensure Parish Properties are duly cared for
  2. ensure finances of all organizations within the parish accurately reflect the financial state of the Parish
  3. the financial well-being of the Parish is maintained
  4. the safety and well-being of persons and Church property are adequately protected and insured.
  5. Newcomers and visitors are welcomed and encouraged to join in the life of the Parish
  6. Lay organizations work to utilize the talents of as many people as possible.
  7. Ensure the rector and his family are properly housed.
  8. The standards of the Anglican Church are upheld
  9. While awaiting the appointment of a Rector, the spiritual and temporal welfare of the Parish are attended to.
  10. Parish records are kept in a safe and adequate manner.

Parish Council shares with the Rector and Wardens a leadership role on welcoming parishioners and visitors at Church Services. This leadership also extends to visiting parishioners. The example set by members of parish Council as leaders in the Parish can do much to engender a spirit of fellowship and caring.


Church wardens act as the executive officers of Parish Council and are ex-officio members of the Council. The Wardens use their best efforts to carry out the lawful resolutions of the Council. With the approval of the Council. the Wardens may delegate matters relating to the congregation to the council, to committees or to individuals.


Parish Council meets monthly with the minutes being posted on the web site as soon as possible after each meeting.

You can contact us at: