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The Property and Maintenance Committee is responsible for maintaining the church building, the rectory and the grounds. We are also responsible for staffing key maintenance positions, planning capital projects, organizing cleanup days, recommending budgets to the Finance Committee and setting building policies. We are a small but dedicated group of volunteers who, through hard work and the miracle of duct tape, continue to keep our buildings and property in working order. Our remarkable team can fix just about anything, especially when provided with power tools and the appropriate amount of “milk & cookies”.


Our typical list of “odd jobs” includes: painting, miscellaneous electrical work, light bulb changing, boiler maintenance, miscellaneous plumbing/toilet repairs, fire extinguisher maintenance, repairs to doors/walls/windows/etc., cleaning of beams/ducts, roof/eaves trough repairs, stringing wires in the rafters and a whole host of other important tasks that get completed before many people even realize there is problem.
We are always looking for new members, so if you like fixing things, power tools and a cold beer every now and again, you are just our type. If you just like power tools, and fixing things, that’s good too. If you just like beer, then we’ll probably have to put you on the waiting list.
We are also fortunate to have the Garden Guild affiliated with our group. The Garden Guild does a wonderful job of keeping the landscaped areas of our grounds beautiful from early spring to late fall every year. So if you are more the green thumb type (rather then the hit your thumb with a hammer type) the Garden Guild may be just the place for you.
For more information or to volunteer for either the Property and Maintenance Committee or the Garden Guild please contact Murray Gamble through the church office.