About Us

Our Vision

Inspired by Christ, we dedicate ourselves to grow together in faith through intentional acts of generosity and ministry to one another and our communities.

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We put people first…

All too often in the church and society we place the institution or the ’cause’ ahead of people. We believe God has always intended that we put people first just as Jesus did.

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At St. George’s we also know that we are not perfect and that we often fail in living up to the best in us. We are all learners here, none of us are perfect and no one is expected to be perfect. We strive to accept one another as we are and as we know God already has.

St. George’s has just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. It began as a tiny church on the hill and has grown into a parish which serves over 1000 people. As we begin our next half century we are very aware of the need to be open to the needs of a rapidly growing community. Because of this we have become involved in many outreach projects and great lay involvement in our services is common place.

We have a wonderful music tradition, featuring three choirs (junior, intermediate and senior) which add much to our worship of God. We are a joyful community, thankful for Christ’s many blessings to us.  We offer programs for all generations. We are led by a minister who has a strong commitment to young people and whose sermons reflect well the gospels and their call for us to serve one another. We believe we can become even better at serving the community but we need your help to do this. We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends in the near future.

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The Diocese of Huron
The Anglican Church of Canada