Parish Deacons

The Reverend MaryLynn Forrest – Parish Deacon

MaryLynn studied at Renison University College in Waterloo Ontario where she received a diploma in Christian Studies and received her pastoral clinical training at Grand River Hospital and Freeport Hospital in Kitchener Waterloo.

MaryLynn is a Registered Early Childhood Educator at Emmanuel@Brighton Childcare Centre in Waterloo, where she has taught pre-schoolers for over thirty years. 

MaryLynn enjoys time with her family, reading, listening to music and participating in various Outreach projects: Camp Little Dragon through St. George’s and Coordinator of the Deanery Outreach Committee. She is a member of the On-Call Spiritual Care Team at Grand River and Freeport Hospitals.

You can contact Rev. MaryLynn at or by calling the church office 519-744-4751.


The Reverend Brother Mark, SB –  Deacon Emeritus

Brother Mark received his pastoral clinical training from Nora Francis Henderson Hospital (McMaster University) in Hamilton, has an Ontario Community College Teaching Certificate, a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, a Diploma in Christian Ministry and a Diploma in Adult Recreation and Leadership. Brother Mark has training as a Life Skills Coach, Spiritual and Retreat Director. He is a life professed Anglican Benedictine and an ordained Deacon in the Diocese of Huron. He is a member of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, Guild of All Souls, Order of St. Vincent Board of Governors (Emeritus), and College of Deacons. He is an assistant chaplain to the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, and an on call hospital chaplain to Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

His interests include outdoor activities, four season camping, and wood working. He is a member of the Friends of Algonquin, and Camping Babble International.

You can contact Brother Mark by email [] or by calling the church office at 519-744-4751.


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