Pastoral Letter | May 8, 2019

Good Morning,

This week’s pastoral letter is to honour all mothers in our community. John Abbott once said, “Mothers have as powerful an influence over the welfare of future generations as all other causes combined.” I’m sure you have experienced that mothers often extend compassion, caring and clemency to their children. They are also their greatest teacher, mentor and coach. Mothers have a sensitivity about the special needs of their children and often go way beyond the call of duty to respond to those needs.

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” As you well know mothers spend a significant portion of their lives encouraging, supporting and advising their children. In addition to all this effort the cycle tends to begin again when grandchildren are born.  And they often become part-time care givers as well as full-time grandmothers. Every word and every cuddle instills confidence and a strong moral compass for the children in their care.

Stella Reading once said, “The whole point about getting things done, is knowing what to leave undone.” Mothers and grandmothers use their own personal experiences to pour wisdom into their children and grandchildren, especially as it relates to healthy priorities in one’s life.  No one can accomplish everything, but everyone can accomplish something. Mothers often have the intuition to pour into their children a deep sense of healthy priorities and boundaries for daily living.

Muriel Strode wrote, “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”  Mothers and grandmothers are often the individuals who encourage their children and grandchildren to try new things, to explore new ways, to embrace new opportunities, always aware that their mother or grandmother is close by to offer encouragement and support.

Today I want to invite you to celebrate the mothers and grandmothers of our community.  These are the women who often lose sleep and are frequently in a state of worry about the children and grandchildren in their lives. It’s important for the women in our community to know that the whole community stands with them as they continue to be sources of encouragements, affirmation, challenge, love and support for both the tiny children and the grown children in their lives.

May God bless the mothers and grandmothers of our community.  May they be ever assured that there are many people praying for them and those they love.

Happy Mother’s Day

Fr Stephen


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