The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

Preparation for Baptism takes place prior to all baptisms. At an initial meeting you will be welcomed into a group with others who, like you, are preparing themselves for baptism; either their personal one or the baptism of their child. At this first meeting you will be asked for names of God Parents etc. The following Sunday you will be presented before the congregation at the Sunday Eucharist where you will be invited to express your desire to embrace the Christian Faith, and where the congregation will be asked to offer you its prayerful support in the weeks ahead. Preparation is required before any Baptism. The early Christian Church required people to prepare for up to three years! We only ask for one night and your presence in Church on one occasion beyond the day of the Baptism.

The Day of your Baptism please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the liturgy. We know this can be difficult with small children, but we need to prepare for you and your prompt arrival eases this process.  Your guests are with you, not to be spectators, but to participate in this most sacred and holy act.

Fees are not charged or expected at Baptisms. Baptism is a ministry of the church that we extend to the community at large. By virtue of your baptism you become a member of the church and we hope that as you have seriously considered baptism that you will honor your commitment to being faithful to the Apostle’s teaching, fellowship, the breaking of the bread, and the prayers. A concrete way of doing this is to become regular in your church attendance and to support the ministry of St. George’s by taking out a set of weekly giving envelopes.

Please contact the Church Office for the dates and times for the next Baptism preparation classes and for forms to be filled out. We look forward to meeting with you as you begin this exciting time in your life.