At St. George’s we open our doors to families that are looking for Christian Burial, as a way that we can share Christ’s love by caring for those who are experiencing this pain and loss.  Our parish clergy is available to work with your family and chosen funeral home to create a worship that will be both comforting and meaningful.

Contact the Church Office, or have the funeral director do so, to arrange for a service at St. George’s.

Memorial Garden

This Garden is legally authorized for the scattering of ashes in a special section of the ground and is held in perpetuity for this purpose by St. George’s and the Diocese of Huron. It is available to persons and families ministered to by the Rector of the church who will also conduct service of committal using an authorized rite.

Currently, the fee is $600. $300 is for the inscription of the name and years on the outdoor memorial pillar and $300 is put in the memorial garden fund to cover the costs of the garden’s perpetual care.

Memorial Garden

The Memorial pillars can also be used to commemorate the lives of loved ones who are resting elsewhere.This beautiful garden is cared for by our Garden Guild. It provides a sanctuary where family and friends can reflect in peace and honour the memory of their loved one. For further information contact the Church Office or a trustee on the Memorial Garden Committee.