Music is an important part of worship at St. George’s. We have a fine music program featuring junior and senior choirs and we are blessed with the use of both a grand piano and a pipe organ.

The goal of our music program is to enrich the worship experience for everyone at St. George’s. Our music ranges from traditional to contemporary. Our parish has always had a rich musical tradition, and we are looking forward to continuing on this vibrant musical path as we go forward.

Senior Choir

St. George’s Senior Choir is a group of 25 parishioners who ‘robe up’ and sing from

September to June. The choir typically rehearses at the church on Thursday nights from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m., and sometimes – prior to major services for Christmas and Easter – on a few of the preceding Saturday mornings. The rehearsals tend to be humour-laced, which makes for an enjoyable mix of invigorating singing and spontaneous fellowship.

The range of music the choir sings varies considerably – from the interwoven complexity of a Palestrina motet to the vigorous joyful enthusiasm of a modern gospel spiritual. Some choir members have musical training; others do not. With our mixed blend of voices, we aim for as polished a sound as possible.The choir is always looking for new members to bolster its ranks. Those interested should talk to the Director of Music, Rob, or any of the current choir members. 519-744-4751

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir is for girls and boys in grades 3 to 12. Practice is on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 7:45 from September to May. The choir sings an anthem about once per month. Choir members enjoy fellowship and fun, and their contribution to the worship service is much appreciated by the congregation. The year-end party is always a good time for all.

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