The Reverend MaryLynn Forrest – Parish Deacon

Reverend MaryLynn Forrest – Parish Deacon

I have been a member of St. George’s since 1999 and was ordained as a deacon in June 2015. Before my ordination, I was an Early Childhood Educator working mostly with toddlers. As a deacon, my main focus is on pastoral and palliative care. During our troubled times and as we journey with God at the end of our earthly life, our soul needs to be nourished just as our bodies do. Taking care of each other is what the gospel teaches us, whether it be in the area of outreach helping others in need, or in pastoral care– as we all need a little help during difficult times in our lives. Pastoral care is everything from providing an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on or cry on, and support through the storms of our lives. I offer end of life support to anyone who requests my presence.  I am an on-call chaplain at our local hospitals, usually providing two shifts per week from 4:30 pm to 8:30 am. I am available whenever and wherever I am  needed by calling my cell number which is provided on the front of our weekly bulletin or by calling the church office. Our conversations are kept private and confidential.

You can contact Rev. MaryLynn at or by calling the church office 519-744-4751.