Planning Your Wedding at
St George’s of Forest Hill Anglican Church

We welcome you and are happy that you are seeking God’s blessing on your marriage. Those who exchange their marriage vows in church proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

When you are married at St. George’s, you draw upon the dedication and ministry of the entire community. Our attractive building and grounds, as well as the professional ministry of our clergy, are only made possible through the free-will offerings of our members. As you are married at St. George’s you are also invited to become active members of this parish.

Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of the church, a means by which God’s grace is given to God’s people. Consequently, the Church requires you to be a baptized member of Christ’s flock.


Your preparation will include discussions with our Priest through personal interviews. Interviews will include:

  • initial introduction
  • determination of proposed date and time of marriage.
  • marriage preparation discussions (four meetings)
  • planning your marriage liturgy
  • wedding rehearsal


Normally our Rector, or his designate, will officiate. You are asked to consult our Rector if you desire some other priest or clergy person to assist at your wedding. When this is deemed appropriate, the Rector will issue a formal invitation.


Our Organist is to be consulted in all arrangements of music for your wedding. The choice of sacred music shall be taken from one of the authorized hymn books of The Anglican Church of Canada or from other texts approved by ecclesiastical authority. Other forms of popular secular music or lyrics are more logically appropriate in the context of your reception festivities that may follow the solemnization of your marriage. Alternate musicians are expected to respect these guidelines, as well as the direction of our Organist as to forms of music and use of the instruments in our worship space.


Our Altar Guild has prepared a separate booklet of suggestions for flowers, wedding candles, pew markers, etc. (please find it attached)


The transformation of the world through worship, prayer and outreach to others is the central ministry and task of St George’s. Marriage is simply a part of this greater mission. To carryout our ministry to the community St. George’s is dependent upon the ability of its members to support its operating budget.

The more elaborate your wedding, the more you will be asking in terms of personal time and gifts of others. A church wedding requires the time and talent of many individuals beyond simply the priest. Accordingly, our Churchwardens have prepared guidelines for your consideration:

Church $200. (tax receipt issued)
Altar Guild $60.
Organist $200. (minimum depending on work required)
Priest $300. (includes marriage preparation)
Total Fee $760.
  • Please make separate cheques for the wedding fees.
  • A $100. deposit is required at time of booking.
  • Altar Guild fees are payable to “St. George’s Altar Guild”
  • Church fees are payable to “St George’s Church”
  • Other fees are payable to the individuals involved.


You may record your wedding by arranging for a qualified person to take pictures. Your photographer, who does not need to be a professional, is asked to meet with the officiating clergy well ahead of time. Videotaping is restricted to a single location within the worship space.


It can be difficult to obtain hall space for wedding receptions. Although its capacity restricts its use to smaller and limited receptions, our church hall is sometimes available for weddings. Inquiries may be made by contacting the Church Office (519-744-4751).


Confetti, rice, or birdseed is NOT to be used on the grounds or in the worship space of St. George’s. Some couples have used soap bubbles which is permitted outside only.


Please email the Church Office  or phone at 519-744-4751 to be put in touch with the Rector, organist and/or altar guild.